Aster MIMS Academy

Our Mandate

The Aster MIMS Academy mandated not only to teach (instruction) but also to produce knowledge (research) and apply the fruits of the intellect to benefit the greater community (extension). The Aster MIMS Academy shall primarily provide advanced education with technological advancement in puts for professional and vocational instruction and training in the Health Sciences, health care management, and other relevant fields of study. It shall also promote and undertake research and extension services with MOUs in support of the socio-economic development of locality, and provide progressive leadership in its areas of specialization.

Our Customers/Clients

  • Students
  • Parents/Guardians of presently enrolled and previously enrolled students
  • General public and other government agencies

Our Customers/Clients

A. Instruction

Instruction focuses on the process of facilitating the acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitude to develop the analytical and creative faculties of learners to be useful citizens. It also includes other specific tasks such as student consultation, academic advising, career guidance and all other initiatives that facilitate the learning process and employability of the learners.

B. Research

Faculty members need to continually explore areas of inquiry through active participation in research endeavors. They should also research culture among students through collaborative research and publications.

C. Extension

Faculty members are strongly encouraged to participate or render service either in Academy-sponsored community extension projects or in their own community, sectorial and/or professional organizations. Faculty participation in these activities is regarded as part of their professional and personal commitment to the academic profession and is kept as a key performance indicator in their regular performance appraisal.

D. Consultancy/ resource development

Faculty members are encouraged to engage in consultancy or projects that showcase their expertise. These knowledge-based projects can help generate additional income for the Academy.

E. Administration

Aster MIMS Academy is rightfully managed by educators. Hence, faculty members are usually designated to administrative positions. As such, in addition to their professional expertise, they should be knowledgeable and competent on personnel administration, legalities, and management and leadership principles in order to perform their responsibilities as head of the institutions.

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